Free Mutiny on the Bounty

While walking around town, I have seen a veritable plethora of nature's goodness. So much of it that no person could pick it all.

But maybe two people could.

I asked the principal at Abra's school if I could pick the chokecherries on school grounds. He said yes please take as many as you want. So we did.

Our neighbor has a pear tree. They don't actually live at the house; they just rent it out. They told us to please pick as the pears would just fall on the ground and make a mess. So we did.

We have spent almost a whole week canning just those two fruits. Wonder what else I could find? I think my neighbors have an apple tree as well.

Also our garden is getting out of hand. The peas are downright everywhere.

From left to right: Chokecherry Berry Dipping Sauce (Ohana Dip), Peach BBQ Sauce, Pear Pickles (Oh, man are these good), Cinnamon Red Hot Pears (very festive), Spirited Pears (Go Pears!), Ginger Pear Marmalade (awesome on french bread), and Chokecherry Jam.

We have been uber busy.


MandB said...

Hey, now you are "freegans!"

VickeyMichelle said...

Dood, I am a love of all things jam (except strawberry) I hope we will be seeing some of that awesome goodness. I think I may even have a few jars laying around you can have!