Ruthie's 1st Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Ruthie's 1st birthday with BBQ on the beach. Our big girl got very sandy and ate watermelon and chicken. She wasn't too sure about the potato salad, but hey, neither was I as it came from Costco. Dad scoped out the beach and set up two tables with food and drink; he got to the beach at the ripe hour of eight, but we didn't have to come until ten. Abra got to bring her friend and Owen got to bring his boogie board, so all were pleased. I am not sure the kids even came out of the water, except to eat and get lotioned up, but Owen got pretty burnt anyway.

Lots of friends came and helped us eat an enormous chocolate cake with equally enormous frosting balloons on them. Think 1/2 inch thick. It was downright scary. Ruth actually was too full to eat any cake. Either that or the sand was just too much fun. We went swimmies and she kicked beautifully. Everyone had great fun and returned home asleep.

And then there were presents.