This year so far...not going well.

So last Sunday night, I had to leave abruptly as my dad had 95% kidney failure. James and I left and flew to Oakland and then drove a car straight to the hospital.

We are now back, but I cannot write about what happened just yet. I'm not even sure I know what happened just yet. He's on dialysis and he's doing better, but my trip is a giant blur of...yeah.


We have been taken....by suprease.

So three days ago we were discussing moving back to the mainland and decided that since work had dried up to a wrinkled prune, sooner was better than later. At the end of next month, we will be leaving the Islands.

And oh gosh, but that makes me sad.


The End of Christmas Break

And really, thank God for that. No, not really, but gosh is the house a whole hell of a lot fuller with four kids than it was with three. Or even two. *Gasp* that sure was a long time ago. So before they head off back to school, I took the kids to the Zoo in Hilo which is fairly small, but they enjoy it. Afterwards we went for ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and then we drove home on Saddle Road and took a few pictures of the snow on Mauna Kea.

The sun was out and everyone was happy. It proves to me once again that a good day isn't necessarily one where nothing goes wrong; just one that makes you smile.


Look, over there! It's Random Photos!

In light of the boy's health returning to full strength, and there being nothing of importance to report at this time, I give to you family shots of Kapa'a and Lapakahi State Parks.