The County Fair

So, then...moving on.

Today we went to the County Fair and Owen got on his very first big person scary ride. Jeff made him sit in the back of the big rocking boat thingy. Which left him exiting the ride like screeching banshee. Sitting in between Grandma and Grandpa, clutching Grandma's shirt for dear life, wailing in full volume; it was a complete repeat of Abra last year. This year she went on the Zipper and pronounced it awesome. Jeff has turned them into *gasp* amusement park groupies!

Not that I am complaining. Ruth and I stood nearby in the shade as it was just downright frickin' scorching. In Hilo! The city with the most rainfall in the US! Not a single damn cloud! Exclamation Point!!! But apparently we have climatized enough or our sunblock was extreme as none of us are burnt. Ruth pet a chicken but that one was free; the rest of the petting zoo cost $3. Hell, we could have gone to the real zoo and pet animals for free. She did not enjoy that cottony part of the cotton candy, but the turny dragons kicked butt.

Seriously, it was too hot to eat anything. Or move. And it wasn't big enough of a fair to go do that fun crafty stuff that I like, but we had fun. With funnel cake.