On the 16th, we left for Oahu and the boat, Dorcas.

I love Dorcas. Were she not docked in Ala Wai, I would want to buy her and live on her. Forever. And I have never been on her in the open water. I love Dorcas.

Aside from that, we had a very nice family time. On the 17th, we went to the MALL. I always think of it that way, in capital letters, for capitalism. The Ala Moana MALL is freakin' enormous. And has actually gotten bigger. Yet, I digress. We took Connie with us to spend money. Aside from Ruth being rauchy when Abra was trying on pants, and announcing to the entire food court how hungry she was watching Owen eat his pizza, it went pretty well.

The next day the kids and I walked to Magic Island while Jeff worked off our trip welding on the boat. I had forgotten how rocky it was. Ruth proceeded to try and eat all the rocks off of it. So I took her swimming in the freezing cold ocean. We had a blast and by the time we got back to the boat, it was officially hot. And sweaty. We walked down Waikiki and had dinner at Yardhouse. Connie got the most gigantically large pot pie I have ever seen, through no fault of her own. Seriously, they should warn people when they order that thing. At least six people could have eaten it. And gotten stuffed. But the blue crab hoagie rocked. And the sweet potato fries kicked butt.

Finally, on Saturday, we went to the Kokua festival. Jeff and Connie left early and so we used them and cut in line. What slacker cheaters we are. Anyhoo, we found the Keiki Corner almost immediately and the kids proceeded to make recycled cardboard butterflies and fish for pencils. Some concert promoter person was up on stage yakking away about rubbish and then she said for all the parents to move back for a "special guest." Jack Johnson came and played Curious George songs for only the kids and Owen got to be on stage with all the other kids and Jack. It was schweet. But really, Dave and Tim were the best part. I love Dave and Tim.

All in all, it was a very kewl first concert experience for three very tired children riding the bus home from the Waikiki Shell. And really, what else could you ask for?