Discovery Kingdom aka Marine World

We decided that despite having no jobs and less money, we would try for quality of life instead and took the kids to Marine World. At least that was what it was called when I was a kid, but then the Six Flags conglomerate bought it out and renamed it Discovery Kingdom. Yet in the way that Kamuela was always called Waimea despite the US Postal Service nomenclature, nobody knows what you are talking about if you say Discovery Kingdom.
The kids had a blast. We had a blast. Just plain ridiculous amounts of fun.
And we will go home poorer, but much richer.


M&B said...

Awww...fun! I like the "going for quality of life" philosophy. I miss you guys!

Kehaulani said...

This was all so wonderful, sorry to say, even the poorer-and-poorer part. Girl, you and your family are sorely missed. I remember clearly the cycle of being not poor enough. It's not funny that those who just do nothing will receive aid and those that try and find the means to squeeze through the cracks can't get a hand up for a short time--much shorter than the do nothing neighbor. Long comment. AND when Moot decides we need the quality of life activity I cringe as we go and walk through the gates and wonder how can this be quality when all I do is worry, worry and worry. Get this, I worry even when there's funding for lunch money and the fuel to get me to work. So what?! Aaaah!

Hey, I love your photos. They're the best. Moot's home full-time and loves to volunteer his time and talents-pure law of conservation. He started and maintains our garden of I don't know whats. We are so thankful to have zuccini every night and cucumbers 'til there's no more to pick, and basil. Basil makes everything taste good, truly. It's a blessing he's home to man the garden.

How was your time with your dad? My grandmother is not as near but she's forgetting things more than when we first arrived in Waimea. So good to hear of your being back in school. I'm sure your GI GRANT will kick in and hopefully you'll have a return to pay for some small kine grinds between classes. Jeff, Abra, Owen, and Kekoa looks good; You look great! You've done a great job with your family. I do so miss you even though we never like hung out at the park with our teens and babies. Do you have regular email still? Gotta learn this blogging and Facebook stuff someday. I love Paul Newman and Green Acres, too. 40-something is still good. Heading off to school, take care. Aloha pumehana, Kehau & Ohana