Lord, I was born a ramblin' man...well, sort of.

So now that we are mobile, I will just say that I love the country that is America. I love road trips and driving to strange lands in my land. I love the angry man in Cle Elum, Washington who thought we were hippie flower freaks for letting Abra pee behind a tree when she was doing the potty disco and there was no bathroom. He was a total psycho and we almost got into a fight, but the experience was very road trip. I love the conglomerate of eating establishments, hotels, motels, single servings, and dusty exits. I love watching thunderstorms in Oregon in the morning and driving by the Boise Temple at midnight. I love visitin'. I hope to one day transverse this anomaly of a nation not by air, possibly by train, and mostly by car. Provided there is a home to return to.
There is not yet, but there is a glimmer of light. That all these people who have loved us and missed get to see us while we trip the light fandango.
Or some other such hippie flower freak nonsense.


VickeyMichelle said...

Dood, someday before I day I want to travel the states visiting obscure landmarks. Like the worlds largest frying pan and that wierd building made of Salt. I am recruiting you to go with me.

M&B said...

I LOVE this. It makes me totally want to go for days without showers and live off of greasy gas station trailmix for weeks and stop at random parks and people watch. *sigh* you're such a writer.
I miss you. I know we weren't on the same island anyway, but... still.
Your kids are gorgeous-- I love the Abra duckie-lips and how BIG Baby Ruthie is.
Trip on, Sistah!

Mary Schmidt said...

Oh Sara-Ma-Lou, don'tcha love Oregon? I think Oregon is the prettiest place I have been in a while, but I do love Hawaii!. If I could, I would move there,Oregon, or Hawaii. Maybe someday we will be neighbors in some close proximity, like same county... Anyway, I assume you are planted in Quincy. I want to come up soon, but don't know when that might be. If you want to come down for a weekend visit with the kids, let me know, I will meet Mom or Steveie (or grandparents) halfway.

I love you baby girl & kiss the kids. I hope to see you soon.
Auntie Mary