Cherry Blossom Festival

Today we went to join in the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Waimea. It's a celebration of the Japanese tradition of hananmi or the viewing of the Cherry Blossoms. I figured it was the last time we would get to go to one, maybe ever. And I wondered if the reason I wanted to do something so crafty and pretty and special is a sign that I am getting old. It was the kind of family outing that I would have secretly enjoyed and then scoffed at when I was younger. Including that there were lots of little booths and trinkets and knickknacks that I refrained from buying because we are moving. Okay it was really because we don't have the money, alright, alright? Feel better? Just kidding. It was just the kids and I as Jeff was laid up, but we had a good time viewing the sakura. I will miss these cultural things when I go. Even if they make me feel old.
It was hot. And I mean hot. And there were an amazing number of people for pokey old Waimea. Owen picked me out a locket with real flowers in it and he got a bento baby christmas ornament and a koi necklace. Abra got a koa hairpick with flowers and crystals hanging off it and Ruthie ate rice krispie treats. I tried to find mochi, but either we were too late or there wasn't any. I saw Auntie Eva at the Hawaiian Quilting booth and both of the midwives for James, but mostly it was pretty touristy. We brought home plate lunch for Jeff that tasted distinctly Local Beef moo-ey.
Later on I will make Chicken Papaya for dinner over rice and the beautiful Waimea day has turned into a typical foggy drizzle-y Waimea evening, but Jeff and the kids are fighting over the Xbox and all is normal in the Barrett household.

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VickeyMichelle said...

Dude why are you always talking about tasty food? Papaya chicken??? I love papaya I love chicken. Hook a sistah up!