Oh holy crap...our first trip to the store sans anyone who can actually hold Ruth.

So about two months ago, I got this fabulous idea (no, no, I am being serious). Why buy a carrier/snugli/sling/two kid stroller when I can just sew a sling for cheaper and be done with it? And thus, my very own slingy-thing was born and it was even in fact cheaper which is sometimes not the case when you are sewing things. Especially if you mess up. With 5 yards of fabric. Anyhoo, today I decided I could no longer stand to be cooped up in my house with Ruth and James and I needed to get some Christmas gifts anyway and I want to travel a bit so I will go to the Border's in Hilo.

I am supergenius. Gaze on me and despair.

I put James in the slingy thing. It works absolutely fab-oo. He is so snug he continues sleeping as though nothing had happened. I get out Ruth. Everything is still good. We enter the Border's.

All cohesion breaks down.

Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad. Except as I entered, I realized I would have to go to the bathroom with a baby strapped to my chest. And I had forgotten how hard it is to chase said small person around with a baby strapped to your chest. And manage to do some shopping at the same time. Paying is especially interesting. No, I don't need anything else. I (and every other person in the store) would just like to pay and be done please. Here's my money, take it!

But all in all, Ruth did very well. Including the full body sprawl in the parking lot where I had to pick her up.

With a baby strapped to my chest.


Mom said...

Paybacks are hell aren't they. I still remember our infamous trip to the Pennys in Yuba City. After you'd run through EVERY flippin' rack in the store and we were leaving, you decided you wanted an ice cream. Full body sprawl doesn't begin to cover it. You did stop when I lifted you to my eye level, inflicted the "MOM LOOK" and said quietly through gritted teeth, "Knock that s**t off."

I told you: "Never let 'em outnumber you."

I've also said, citing my good friend Joyce, "There's a reason some species eat their young."

Can't wait to be surrounded. What's for dinner?


VickeyMichelle said...

My uterus just folded in on itself ;)