Help! Help!

I am 30.

When did this happen? Was I sleeping? How did I get to be 30?

I don't feel old (which is good) and I am not really upset (which is better), but I am still curious that time seems to have taken a giant leap from 22 to 30. Okay, maybe frightened is a better word than curious. Because if it leaps like this for the next eight years, holy crap, I will almost be forty!

Ah well. At least I still look 17. Right? Right? Just smile and nod, damnit.


Anonymous said...

Honey, you aren't old yet. Like I said, wait until 46 or 47. That's when the young door slams shut! Up until that time you can still lie to yourself about being young! Really, 30 is still young. When you are 54, you will say to yourself "I thought I was old at 30 and it's so young." Of course, 60 is starting to look young to me. Then there is that saving grace. . .
Your mom will ALWAYS be older than me.

And it's not that you look so old, your kids do! Jeez!

Love you. Auntie Mary

VickeyMichelle said...

You and I will forever be teenagers in flannels.